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Selling diamonds to the dealers for getting expected amount of money which can only be given by well-established diamond buyers in Sarasota. We Antique Diamond Buyers, a strongly demonstrated organization of diamond dealers can help you with your question. Our company offers the finest price on the sale of diamond necklace which cannot be found anywhere else.

If you’re willing to sell your precious stone jewelries and in urgent need of money. We can help you by giving the worthy amount of your item by quoting a fair price on it.

Feel free to contact us for making a deal which will be the safest and secure & done by well-experienced evaluators of our company.

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The achiever of A-class ranking by being a best diamond buyers of Sarasota. We have proven our loyalty and honest to our customers by giving them the quality service from 50+ years. Our skilled staffs are always ready to offer their precious time to our customers by also taking care of their time and needs. Our family-owned dealing business has collected uncountable amount of rare diamond jewelries and loose diamonds throughout the years since 1972.

If you’re looking for an organization to sell your diamond in Sarasota then, you are at the right place. We can assist you with your demanding services which will be fulfilled by our company. Come deal with us by reaching out to us through our online platform & bring your inherited piece of diamond ring and get actual amount from us exactly at that moment.

Acquire a Safest Appraisal or Evaluation Session Conducted by Highly-experienced Experts

Looking for an organization who will give you an all-in-one benefit at one place. You can contact us for getting your loose diamonds appraised by our experts. Also, we evaluate diamond settings for quoting a actual price which will be higher and worthy.

What we provide in an appraisal session? Our appraisal process consists of fetching out the relevant information like condition, age, history and craftsmen through which we put a price on the item which has to be sold.

Get a benefit of knowing two things including information & real value of your item through an appraisal & evaluation session.

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If interested in our specialized service, you can sell your diamond online to us by sending a picture of your item with its description(mentioned on our website) or you can call us on our toll-free number to have a conversation regarding how the selling process will be started and what else you have to do for it.

We are the local diamond buyers of Sarasota & visiting us will definitely give a chance to have a look in our treasure world of antique, vintage and estate items which are very rare to be found. Also, a chance to know about your item in a detail which will be informed by our top-most expertise.

We are Also Specialized in…

In a nutshell, if you want your broken or want to resize your diamond ring. Here, at Antique Diamond Buyers can repair and also resize your item as per your concern. Also, if you want your diamond necklace to be engraved by natural colored diamonds or loose diamonds, we can also assist you. Our staffs perform a careful and safe engraving & repairing service which will also be informed that what else has been carved or removed.

Rest, tie a strong knot with us which will be never broken by making a deal with us while giving us a chance to assist you!

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