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Antique Diamond Buyers offers a unique means of getting antique diamond jewelry at the highest price. Such types of vintage jewelry are beautiful and have intricate workmanship, so when they are sold, it is vital to opt for the right buyer. Look into us because we offer the best deal, one that etches you the highest returns. Over the year many client have sold some stunning antique diamond jewelry pieces, which have given them back huge cash returns. You can also gain he same by fixing an appointment for an appraisal with our experts. We are skilled and expert antique diamond dealers Palm Beach who have dealt with such items for many decades.

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Our business is known for providing the best appraisal service for antique diamond jewelry. Be it individual items or collection show it to us for a honest, fair evaluation, one that fetches the best returns. People who have sold us such items in the past have come back for another sale because of our high quality of customer service. So, if you are seeking reputable diamond buyers Palm Beach, contact us right away. We offer the highest price on such diamond items giving good enough returns that reflect the real worth of the item.

We take care to give customers only the best experience so when you come to us be assure of getting the best evaluation and also good cash returns. Over the years we have purchased some of the most stunning collection of antique diamond from customer who has come to us from across the country. Our relatable and honest service gave them assurance of smooth sale and also a proper quote one that showed their real worth of the item. Antique Diamond Buyers is a business that offers customers the highest levels of service, providing the best returns time and again, giving them a hassle-free sale process that enables them to gain the cash they have wanted to meet pressing financial obligations. As experienced antique diamond buyers Palm Beach we advice that a thorough evaluation from us will give the best quote one that gives good returns.

Ours is a family owned business that was established in 1972. Over the past decades we have built a reputation for ourselves as people offering the east price for valuable antique diamond jewelry. We are know for our courteous customer service and are also a company with BBB Member good standing A+ Rating. Over the years we have gained a reputation for providing clients the highest level of service, giving them a smooth, quick sales in which they get back good returns. If you are in need of reputed Local diamond Buyers Palm Beach, give us a call right away and talk with our expert staff.

Antique Diamond Buyers has over the year serviced many types of clients, wanting to sell precious damming jewelry at the best price for want of cash. We understand their needs and ale inform them about the real value of their item, discussing its history and craftsmanship. People who sell to us learn more about the item or collection that they want to sell, prior to the actual sale happening. We also make house calls so if you want to sell your item to us from your location, send us a picture of it via email. Our staff will look at it and make an assessment right away, giving a quote via email. If you decide to proceed with the sale, they will make arrangements for a house call to be doe and sale process to be completed.

We offer FREE Antique Evaluations & Antique Appraisals.

Please send us an email at info@antiquediamondbuyers.org.

In your e-mail, please include as much of the following as possible.

  • A High-Quality photo of your item (taken under natural light is best.)
  • A Description of the item/items. Include a physical description, and any historical knowledge you may have of it along with any information you can share about the item that will help us provide you an accurate evaluation/price of the item.
  • Please include your Phone number, City where the items are located, Your Zip Code.
We will reach out to you ASAP with more details.

We Offer FREE Evaluations If Purchasing as Well as FREE House Calls