Antique Diamond Buyers, Lakeland

As we have all heard, diamonds are every girl’s best friend. But after time, every girl will prefer brand-new jewelry made with contemporary diamonds as opposed to vintage jewelry.

Selling old antique diamond jewelry to us for a premium price can make it simpler for you to shop for new diamond jewelry, enabling you to utilize the money to purchase the latest diamond jewelry with cutting-edge designs.

Antique Diamond Buyers, Lakeland

Select the most reputable vintage diamond buyers in Lakeland.

You have come to the right place if you own any old diamond jewelry, since we buy antique diamond jewelry here for the best price available on the market. Over the past 50 years, we’ve helped several customers to sell their diamond jewelry for the best prices.

That’s correct; we have been in this business for more than five decades, therefore we have developed a keen eye for a valuable diamond, enabling us to purchase pre-owned diamond jewelry at the most competitive price.

Why choose us?

Along with precision of our sight, we also offer free antique diamond appraisal, in which our certified appraisers evaluate your diamond and prepare an assessment report based on its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight using the GIA’s 4C technique.

The assessment report will present accurate facts and figures regarding the diamond, enabling us to quote a fair price for the jewelry based on the report to ensure that our customers are satisfied; after all, the customer is king.

Our team consists of only professional gem appraisers and qualified individuals who are fully competent to assist you with a hassle-free sale. They have an in-depth understanding of diamonds and other precious stones, which enables them to point out every minute aspect of the stone that might have an impact on the diamond’s market value.

Your jewelry is treated with the utmost care once you hand it over to us; even before the sale, we ensure that the transactions are entirely safe and secure while respecting our clients’ privacy.

Since 1972, we have been a family-run company that offers our clients the best pricing when buying all types of fine and estate jewelry.

Our goal is to offer our clients access to a market with authorized antique buyers who will offer them an accurate assessment and a fair price for the jewelry while maintaining a legal transaction. Our work ethic is based primarily on honesty and reliability, and this is what we stand for.

Where else are we located, and what do we buy?

You can also find us in Miami, Tampa, Bradenton, Clearwater, Orlando, and many other cities mentioned on our website, or you can contact us to find out if we are in your city or not. You can simply stop by our neighborhood store if you live in one of the areas where our stores are accessible to you.

If you live somewhere where you can’t access our local store, you can sell your old diamond jewelry to us online by sending us a high-resolution photo of the item with a thorough description, as well as your contact number, city, and zip code, and our team will contact you ASAP to proceed further with the sale.

Even the tiniest diamonds can fetch a price if they are rare and exceptional. Everything has a price, and we are here to help you get the best price for your pre-owned jewelry.

If you have any questions about what we buy or where we are located, please contact us at 727-656-2504 or email us at We will gladly answer all of your queries.

Sell your diamond ring to Lakeland’s top diamond buyers.

We are delighted to be Lakeland residents’ first choice when it comes to selling pre-owned diamond jewelry. We are the leading estate diamond buyers in Lakeland thanks to their love and support, and we would be honored to have you become a member of our family by doing business with us.