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Antique Diamond Buyers: Reputed Dealers Of Antique Diamond Jewelry

Antique Diamond Buyers offers the unique opportunity to sell precious, rare vintage diamond jewelry at the highest price. Come to us to sell such items at a rate that cannot be gained anywhere else. We have been in this industry for years and know how to price any type of rare antique diamond item.

Over the years, we have collected some of the most unusual vintage jewelry pieces, each of which is stamped with a hallmark. Clients have come to us from various parts of Florida to sell beautiful antique jewelry items and gain the best returns.

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If you have inherited antique diamond jewelry and find that it can no longer be kept and also want cash to meet financial obligations. Contact us right away. We offer the highest price on such items, giving returns like none other. Our business is known for its smooth sales processes, ones that guarantee the highest returns to the seller.

There is no need to wait a long time to get a sale arranged as it can be done quickly and conveniently. Our staff are experts at making assessments, so rest assured that you will get a quote that will be an honest reflection of the real value of the item. So, if you are looking for expert antique diamond buyers in Longboat Key, contact us right away.

Antique Diamond Buyers is a family-owned business that has been operating for many decades. We have been established in 1972 and, over the years, have gained a reputation for giving the best deals on beautiful antique jewelry items. Come to us to sell an item and gain good cash returns.

Clients who have sold to us have gone back with a good deal, one that has given them good returns. We value vintage items and so give clients a price that reflects their real worth. We are reputed, reliable diamond buyers in Longboat Key, offering the best price on various types of antique diamond jewelry.

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Our staff are highly skilled at providing in-depth insight into the history and condition of antique diamond jewelry. Over the years, we have purchased beautiful and lovely diamond jewelry from clients who have come to us from across Florida. We have a large collection of items in excellent condition that were sold to us at the best prices by clients who were in immediate need of cash. 

Call us because we are Longboat Key’s dependable antique diamond dealers, with a BBB membership in good standing and an A+ rating.We also do house calls so that clients do not have to get out of their location for a sale to be completed.

If you want to get online sales done, send us a picture of the item or collection that needs to be sold online. We will look at the image and give you a quote quickly so that you can decide whether or not to proceed with the sale. We are authorized local diamond buyers in Longboat Key, so rest assured that by coming to us, you will get the best deal.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for providing the best deals for clients in antique diamond jewelry, so you can be rest assured that by coming to us, you will get back significant cash returns. We are known for our smooth customer service and our friendly staff will discuss in detail the item that needs to be sold.


We offer FREE Antique Evaluations & Antique Appraisals.

Please send us an email at info@antiquediamondbuyers.org.

In your e-mail, please include as much of the following as possible.

  • A High-Quality photo of your item (taken under natural light is best.)
  • A Description of the item/items. Include a physical description, and any historical knowledge you may have of it along with any information you can share about the item that will help us provide you an accurate evaluation/price of the item.
  • Please include your Phone number, City where the items are located, Your Zip Code.
We will reach out to you ASAP with more details.

We Offer FREE Evaluations If Purchasing as Well as FREE House Calls