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Antique Diamonds: Some Easy DIY Steps to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling

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If you’re the proud owner of an antique diamond, you’ll want to take really good care of it to make sure it’s clean and sparkling. Failure to keep it in pristine condition may even decrease the value of it over time. Plus, you want to get the most pleasure out of it while you have it, regardless of if you intend to sell it to at some point.

Here are some suggested steps antique diamond buyers recommend for keeping your diamonds shining:

Antique dimaonds

Do as Antique Diamond Buyers Do

When in Rome, do as the Romans. If you are wishing to keep your antique diamond in the best condition possible, do as the experts do. Most antique diamond dealers agree that an antique diamond should be treated even more respectfully than traditional ones because of their age.

While diamonds don’t break, rust, or wear away, they do collect dirt, dust, and films. They are magnets for grease which is proven each and every time a diamond is touched. Oils from the fingers and hands go straight to the shiny surface, making it dull and a bit sticky as well. It’s imperative to keep them clean and when they are cleaned the correct way, they will shine like the sun.

Antique Diamond Cleaning Solutions

The most popular way to clean and antique diamond is to use a high-quality store bought product or to concoct a homemade version. The best antique diamond cleaning solutions have a gentle degreasing formulation in the mix. You can make your own by adding a few drops of mild decreasing dish soap (like the kind with lemon or another ingredient that gets rid of grease).

Once you have poured the solution in a small bowl, let the diamond soak in it until the grease is loosening. The exact amount of time will vary depending on how dirty the diamond is. Some are ready in a matter of hours while others may need to soak several days. You will be able to tell by looking at the diamond and by feeling it too.

When you take the diamond out of the solution, use a soft bristled toothbrush or jewelry cleaning brush tool to loosen the dirt and grease complete. Going in a circular motion when you are cleaning is the best method. Don’t scrub too hard though. Do make sure you use a new toothbrush. Once you have cleaned the diamond, gently dry it with a new, soft microfiber towel or cloth. Check it out in the light and see how brilliant it looks.

Diamond Buyers

If you are wanting to sell your sparkling new diamond, you’ll want to deal only with reputable diamond buyers. Antique diamonds should be appraised by a professional who is an expert in antiques and in diamonds. Once you have your treasure appraised, you can decide if the price is right for you and if it is, you can choose to sell it…or not. There should never be an obligation when doing business with a diamond buyer.

Diamond Appraisers

The best diamond buyers are trustworthy and reliable. Diamond appraisers and buyers who are truly professionals are an elite group of highly skilled experts who do business with integrity. They treat their clients with respect and offer fair prices.

If you are looking for a diamond appraiser, be sure to check out Antique Diamond Buyers. In business since 1972, Antique Diamond Buyers are a leader in the antique jewelry industry so contact them today and see what they can do for you. You’ll be glad you did.

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